A Garden is a space to plant html5 apps.

A garden can be installed on many different platforms.

Pick apps for your garden from any Garden Market.

Sync your gardens together.

Think of a Garden like your own customizable "Google Apps". But what is better is that you can have it in the cloud, on your computer, or smartphone, and that you choose the apps you want, from whomever you want. And lastly, you have have the apps you install sync across all your devices, and with online sites.

The Bookmarks app running on a garden. My garden

An example app, Couch Pirate. An example app, couch pirate.

Manage your apps...install, configure, and update them with ease. App management.

App details, and configuration. Also manage application access. App Config.

Settings to quickly theme the menu. Full themes can also be installed. Theme.

The following reasons to use a garden are based on unhosted.org

    Because garden apps don't force the use of their servers on you, you can sync your data yourself, to a place that you trust.


    The developer doesn't need to pay for the infrastructure. This makes it feasible to publish unhosted web apps as altruistic free software. Once an unhosted web app is set free into the public domain, it will be available forever.


    More robust/resilient architecture, with no Single Point of Failure.


    With your data living beside the app, you own and have complete access to it. This is personal data freedom brought to the web.


    Scalability is built into your garden web app from the start. Apps can be distributed through app stores, and each user runs their own local copy of the app while syncing their data to their own remote storage.

A Garden is founded on some amazing technology. Here are our roots:


Gardens apps use the power of HTML5, which is the platform of the web.


A garden runs on CouchDB - a NoSQL database that is fast, scalable, and pure awesome.

Iris Couch

Iris Couch provides all the hosting for Garden20.

Iris Couch

Kanso is the development tool to use to develop garden apps.

We would love to hear from you with thoughts, feedback or ideas. Here are some ways you can get to us:

Garden apps are easy to develop, and distribute. Create html5 apps on top of the power of couchdb. Add some packaging information, and then push to a Garden Market.

Here are some links to get you started: